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La ventaja del tornillo anti-aflojamiento (tornillo de parche de nailon)

The anti-loosening screw, also called thread locked screw and nylon patch screw.As the name suggests, prevents the screw from loosening and plays a fastening role. With the continuous development of the hardware industry, the anti-loose screw is also loved by many people.  It's used for bags,electronics and so on.  So what are the advantages of anti-loosening screws?  Follow the anti-loosening screw manufacturer to have a look:  
1. The anti-loosening screw has the better seismic performance, which can with stand a long time of continuous vibration and the screw will not loosen. This is also one of the more commonly used technologies.  
2. Its wear resistance and shear resistance are also relatively strong, the bottom of the nut thread teeth 30 degrees, the inclined surface can make the nut locking force evenly distributed on the thread of each tooth, due to the uniform distribution of the clamping force on the thread surface of each tooth, so the nut can better solve the problem of thread wear and shear deformation.  
3. Strong low temperature resistance, the normal products can be stored in the -40℃ to 80℃, its performance can be stable, but the special products can be stored in the ling 54℃to 154 5℃,the performance is also stable.  
4. The better reuse performance, the anti-loosening screws is removed and repeated, the locking force is still not reduced, can still maintain the original locking effect, it can be stored around 3-4 years, and the performance will not be changed.
Suzhou Anzhikou Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer which has the 20 years experience in screw production, the main productions is micro screws, anti looseing screws, CD pattern screws, and a series of non-standard screws, all can be customized.Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!